Our Policies

Confirmation of your order

The automated price quote is for food only. The Website calculates the estimated count of boxes. Shipping total will be final once box count is confirmed and the order is physically packed. Customer agrees to pay the difference if the box count is higher than estimated. Customer agrees for Batya’s Kitchen to charge the difference. Batya's Kitchen will issue a refund if the box count is lower than estimated.

Your Pesach order is automatically confirmed once it has been submitted, and you have received an automated order number by email.

If you have not received an email with your order number, please check your spam folder. Please use your order number as the subject line on any correspondence with our office.

I agree to have my freezer ready for my Pesach delivery at least 2 weeks before Pesach, Rosh Chodesh Nissan, April 9th.

All food items are delivered frozen. We provide a packing slip with warming instructions in your box.

Early Bird Special

Take advantage of our Early Bird Special and enjoy a 10% discount on your order by Jan 31, 2024. Please note that the discount does not apply to shipping fees. Use coupon code PESACH10 during checkout to avail the offer. A 50% escrow deposit is required. Your remaining 50% balance will be automatically charged on January 31, 2024 or thereafter. Full Payment is required for orders placed after January 31, 2024.

Payment Methods

A valid credit card number is required for automatic billing when selecting “Credit Card” as your preferred payment method during order placement. For all other payment options, such as Quickpay, Venmo, Cash, or Check, payment must be received within 4 days of placing your order. Failure to receive alternate payment within this timeframe will result in your registered credit card being automatically charged without prior notice. After March 14, 2024, alternate payments must be received within 2 business days. Please note that the chosen payment method cannot be retained until the time of delivery for handover to the driver.

No order can be delivered before complete payment is received.

Modifications and Edits

The 10% early bird discount is only available for customers who placed their order before Jan 31. Any alterations or edits made after January 31, 2024, will not qualify for the original discount on the additional items. Modifications and edits are permitted up to 48 hours before Jan 31. Please note that changes and edits become considerably time-consuming and challenging once an order has entered the "packing stage." After reaching this stage, a new order must be placed until our Pesach deadline.

If you would like to split your order and the request is made before Jan 31 and falls within the 48-hour grace period for amendments, no additional split fee will be charged, and shipping fees will be recalculated accordingly.

After Jan 31, If your order has not been packed and you wish to split it, a $150 split fee will be applied. Shipping and handling fees will be recalculated per location.

Once an order has been completed and packed, and the customer requests Batya's Kitchen to split and reroute it to two different locations, a $350 splitting fee will be required, and shipping fees will be recalculated.

Scheduling your delivery

Our routes are designed by location. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule with your earliest date preference. Please allow an 8-hour time frame for delivery.

We will not be able to store any orders passed April 7 once they are completed.

If you require your order to be expedited and packed by your preferred date, which would prioritize it ahead of others who ordered before you, a rush fee of $200 will be added to your total.


We dispatch our FedEx orders on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. To prevent complications, we avoid shipping on Thursdays. Batya's Kitchen is not accountable if the customer chooses to ship their order on a Thursday for it to arrive on Friday, before Shabbos. Our final FedEx delivery pre-pesach will be on Wednesday, April 17.

Holiday Rentals

We offer private shipping options to Miami and Orlando. If your order is bound for either Miami or Orlando, please note that your reservation on the truck will be confirmed only upon receipt of the deposit. Securing your reservation is crucial due to limited space.

We are providing three options for delivery days to Orlando: Thursday, Friday (limited slots available), and Sunday. Preferred delivery date must be selected at the time of checkout. In the event that you modify your resort location and/or delivery day after your order has been packed, an additional charge of $150 will apply to make the necessary corrections.

The Miami delivery will be scheduled for Sunday April 21. This service will be provided by an outside source. All delivery fees will be paid directly to the delivery company.

Batya's Kitchen agrees to store any orders that need to be delivered to a Vacation Rental.


If this order is intended as a gift, I agree to inform the recipient to have their freezer ready for delivery two weeks before Pesach.

If it is discovered that the gift recipient will not be available to receive their order before Pesach, for any reason, it becomes the responsibility of the gift giver to coordinate delivery to an alternative location. Please note that it is not Batya's Kitchen's responsibility to determine the alternative delivery location.


The customer is required to inspect their order for any errors upon arrival. Batya's Kitchen will not be held responsible for any errors reported after 24 hours from receipt. This policy ensures timely resolution of any issues, and no exceptions will be made.


We have a zero cancellation policy. If there are extreme circumstances we will need to involve Daas Torah and there will be a $150 restocking fee if the order has been packed.