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Experience PESACH the way it was meant to be, without the stress of hours of holiday cooking. Spend much needed quality time with your family and loved ones instead of being cooped up in the kitchen!

Batya's Kitchen has been serving the frum community since 2007 with:

✓ Impeccable service
✓ Highest standards of freshness
✓ Personalized attention given to every order
✓ Delicious gourmet homemade food that looks like it came right out of your oven
✓ Detailed labels on all items
✓ Hashgocha under Tarnopol Kashrus
✓ Direct shipping to your location anywhere in the United States via FedEx priority overnight shipping
✓ Private delivery service to Brooklyn, Queens, Five Towns, Manhattan, Staten Island, New Jersey & Monsey and more...
✓ Exclusive Freezer Truck delivering DIRECT to your VILLA in ORLANDO & MIAMI.

Looking forward to servicing your Pesach needs,
Chag Kasher V'Sameach,
Batya Kahan